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Sophar Limited is one of the leading pharmaceutical wholesalers in Rwanda. The company has shown phenomenal growth right from inception.
Sophar’s core business involves importation and marketing of branded pharmaceutical products within the Rwanda market. With a unique semi-cooperative structure and successful business model shareholders have been the main customers. The company is set on the path of faster growth in product range, geographic reach and distribution capability supported by expanded supply chain, a modern ware house, distribution centres and multiple marketing agreements.
To ensure achievement of its strategic plans and objectives in an efficient manner, the company requires the services of a Finance Manager
Job Title: Finance Manager
Job Purpose: The Finance Manager will be responsible for implementing the finance policies of the company, recommending and implementing internal controls related to financial processing and monitoring the budget on a day-today basis. The Finance Manager will be expected to contribute to the development and execution of the company growth strategy, advising on the most prudent mechanisms for fiduciary management of the company, ensuring that there are proper financial and accounting controls.
Duties and Responsibilities
1. Responsible for performance management and motivation of the Finance and Administration (F&A) team, ensuring departmental internal controls are established and strictly observed. Review activities, assess training needs, mentor, set benchmarks and agree on execution of functional objectives
2. Responsible for the preparation of latest estimate (LE) and following year’s corporate and F&A annual budgets. Present detailed business plan on how the budget will be achieved. Analyze variances and ensure adequate control for effective service delivery.
3. Supervise and ensure the timely and accurate preparation of specific accounting and management information for the control of the business, including monthly, quarterly and annual accounts which meet both internal and statutory reporting requirements.
4. Manage corporate finance and maintain corporation tax compliance.
5. Ensure financial, risk management and administrative records are maintained in compliance with accepted policies and procedures, which meet both internal and statutory reporting requirements.
6. Responsible for, within the limits of Company policy, ensuring continuing confidence in the financial viability and stability of the Company through timely cash flow forecasting, planning and ensuring company funds are properly invested to satisfy short to long-term funding requirements through banking arrangements, credit extension/revenue collection from clients
7. Ensure all budgetary and financial reporting deadlines are met, for team and overall business
8. Responsible for the approval of latest estimate (LE), as required and following year’s annual budgets of entire Company and subsequent monitoring.
9. Co-ordinates the external financial and statutory audit exercises whilst ensuring compliance. Monitors procedures to ensure internal control systems operate effectively and that assets are safeguarded, liabilities and expenditures controlled.
10. Provide advice on internal control implications of proposed changes in company’s procedures, adherence to international accounting principles and pursuing external audit recommendations.
11. Arrange for import guarantees and financial lease arrangements.
12. Responsible for enforcing internal controls, updating the Company’s fixed asset register and ensuring safe custody of all company assets.
13. Responsible for ensuring effective administration of office support services, security services, transport and insurances.
Financial Responsibility
1. Strategic planning to achieve profit/cost centre profitability
2. Managing overall expenditure budget and obtain specific efficiency performance targets
3. Maintain updated and accurate asset registers
4. Setting up appropriate credit (client and supplier) limits and monitoring portfolios to mitigate credit risk while maximizing revenue
5. Managing a rolling 5 year financial plan and determining interventions.
6. Working capital management.
SUPERVISES: Finance Department staffs. More specifically the following functions will report to the Finance Manager
Accounts Payable

Account receivable



Credit control
Education: CPA or ACCA with at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Finance
The successful candidate must demonstrate the following experience:
Have at least five years of financial management responsibility in a for-profit environment post Experience in successfully managing working capital

Experience in dealing with cost management and optimization.

Experience with initiating and leading improvement programmes, developing and implementing strategic plans and overseeing change

Experience with project management, procurement, overseeing advisors and contractors

An understanding of private equity fund investor issues

Strong, positive leadership, able to influence service providers and management teams.

Experience in working with tax authorities and other relevant statutory bodies
Timely reporting

Compliance with all statutory requirements

Receivables, Payables and Inventory management

Cash management

Driving efficiency in operations, including reducing Working Capital needs and advising on opportunities for greater revenue generation

Timely support to other senior management

Good investor relations

Robust internal audit controls
TERMS: The Competitive compensation that commensurate with qualifications and experience. Benefits include health insurance, contributory Pension Scheme, and General Personal Accident Insurance cover.
Send your CV, cover letter and certificates to hr@sopharltd.com if you meet the above qualifications no later than 30th March 2018.
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